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2 Oregon Eclipse Tickets ad Early Entry for both tickets. $350 for BOTH! (or offer me a trade!)

Sat 8/12/17 04:59:03

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    • (2) Thu 08/17/17 - Oregon Eclipse - Big Summit Prairie - Prineville -
  • DescriptionI've got two "experience pass" (tickets in other words). Also you'll get two Early Entrance Passes.

    I realize the eclipse approacheth so I'm going low low low on the price. $350 (that's a benjamin less per ticket than face)

    Its the cheapest way to camp anywhere in the path of the eclipse right now. I guarantee it. Everything in Oregon is sold out. And you'll get the whole party concert madness for fun!

    Face Value is $375 per ticket plus plus $50 early admission.
    $175 a ticket is a friggin' deal!

    but order now because we're heading out with our other tickets in a day or so and there won't be any sending tickets after that!

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