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Need 1 Trey Anastasio ticket to Durham, NC 2/16 Carolina Theatre or TAB NC March

Fri 1/19/18 11:41:50

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    • (1) Fri 02/16/18 - Trey Anastasio Band - Carolina Theatre - Durham - NC
      [ section: 1 row: 1 seat: 1 ]
  • DescriptionHave cash or an amazing PAIR in Parquet Circle Row G of Delaware,Grand Opera House up FRONT!!! Need 1 Trey ticket at Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC and 1 Trey Charlotte on 2/16 and 2/17...would trade straight up 2 for 2. Am easy to work with and like to help out phans! Phace Value ONLY, of course! These Tix are spectacular & together in an 1100 person venue. Hate to break up such a great pair, but would consider for a possible Durham pit plus trades.If u need these Tix, message me and Let's help each other out! Happy New Year!!!! Sally:)

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