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Need 1 Trey Anastasio ticket to Durham, NC 2/16 Carolina Theatre or TAB NC March

Mon 1/15/18 11:58:39

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    • (1) Fri 02/16/18 - Trey Anastasio - Carolina Theatre - Durham - NC
      [ section: 1 row: 1 seat: 1 ]
  • DescriptionHave cash or an amazing pair of Orch 6 Row C Tix at Radio City Music Hall for Island Relief on 1/6 in New York up FRONT!!! Need 1 Trey ticket at Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC and 1 Trey Charlotte on 2/16 and 2/17...would trade straight up 2 for 2. Am easy to work with and like to help out phans! Phace Value ONLY, of course! These Tix are for charity relief. Let's help each other out! Happy New Year!!!! Sally:)

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