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FT: My 2 Hamilton (Broadway) for your 2 PTBM 12/30 plus cash

Thu 10/19/17 07:53:28

  • Have

    • (2) Sun 02/18/18 - Hamilton (NY) - Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York, NY - undefined - NY
      [ section: RMezz row: D ]


    • (2) Sat 12/30/17 - Phish - Madison Square Garden - New York - NY
  • DescriptionI have 2 tickets to Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre here in NYC that I purchased for face ($422.10 total) through Ticketmaster.
    Show is at 3:00pm Sunday February 18th
    Tickets are seats together Rear Mezzanine CENTER Row D

    I'm looking for 2 PTBM for Sat 12/30. Seats must face the stage.
    I'll take floors or 100's section, but you must also send $222 payment to even out the cost of the tickets.

    Let's work something out!

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