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ISO: 1 Saturday Dicks...PLEASE!!!!!!

Sat 8/19/17 11:18:04

  • Want

    • (1) Sat 09/02/17 - Phish - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City - CO
      [ section: Any ]
  • DescriptionFlying in from San Diego and all I need is 1 Saturday Dicks!! I'm not above sitting in the lot and begging for mercy but I'd rather be all set and ready to fly when I land.

    If you'r reading this, please take an extra moment to hear me out. When selling your extras please consider first looking at the ISO posts. COT has become incredibly competitive and I believe that if we could all take a little extra time to search the ISO posts before going down the "first come first serve" route then we would all be doing the COT community a big favor. We all like favors right? Especially when it comes to Dicks! Yeah, Yeah, the Dicks jokes are never ending but seriously, please pay attention to the ISO's out there. Cheers and Thanks!

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