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ISO all of your "meh" seats for 12/29 :)

Thu 12/07/17 12:11:53

  • Want

    • Fri 12/29/17 - Phish - Madison Square Garden - New York - NY
  • DescriptionSome really excellent CoTers have helped me gather some tickets for the 28th and 30th, but I'm the ticket wrangler for a BIG group of friends (who all struck out in the lotto AND Ticketmaster... definitely a bummer) so I need a little bit of extra help. I know you're less than excited about those 200s and 300s/400s way up in the MSG boonies, so let me ease your mind and take them off your hands.

    Of course, I'm not opposed to section 119 (#spicychickensandwiches) or other lower bowl options but I'll take what I can get :)

    I'll pay immediately. Thanks for looking out!

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