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In need of Dicks RV pass! have cash, tickets, and other interesting trades

Thu 4/20/17 05:22:57

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    • (1) Fri 09/01/17 - Phish - RV Pass - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City - CO
  • DescriptionI need 1 Dicks RV pass and would also take up to 2 camping passes. Driving out from Santa Cruz CA, and the first year of Dicks I just bought camping when I arrived, so didn't realize this was something that sells out. Anyways, in addition to cash, I have access to lots of amazing things that Northern Cali are known for, just ask... If it is tickets you are looking for, I have access to some extras but dont know exactly what they are at the moment. Hit me up and lets put together a deal! Thanks

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