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I need 2 Dicks, soooooo bad. Ive never wanted 2 Dicks so bad in my entire life. Help me take 2 (friends to) Dicks

Sat 8/12/17 12:05:49

  • Want

    • (2) Sat 09/02/17 - Phish - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City - CO
    • (2) Sun 09/03/17 - Phish - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City - CO
  • DescriptionPLEASE HELP ME GET 2 20 year fans into Dicks Saturday and Sunday!!!

    I've got fields plus cash to trade for multiple stands for Saturday and Sunday Dicks. Please help me help my friends get into Dicks this year. One has been stuck doing Jah work in Northern Cal. so he has been without internet all season so had to rely on us to get him in(got IT in 95). The other has been so busy saving the planet through his work in the solar industry he wasn't able to know he could make it till last weekend(got IT in 97). Please help these 2 deserving souls into such a place of elegance that they may shower themselves in lightness!!!

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