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Trading 4 (or 2) Telluride Bluegrass Town Park Camping/Festival Passes for Punch Brothers Nightgrass

Fri 5/19/17 01:07:51

  • Have

    • (4) Thu 06/15/17 - Telluride Bluegrass Festival Town Park Camping - Camping Pass - Town Park - Telluride - CO


    • (4) Sun 06/18/17 - Punch Brothers - Sheridan Opera House - Telluride - CO
  • DescriptionWe have some extra Town Park Camping/Festival Passes we would love to trade for Punch Brothers Nightgrass tickets plus the cash difference (face value). I have 4 Town Park tickets but can make trades in blocks of 2 or do the whole 4, just let me know.

    Thanks for looking and hope we can work something out.

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