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Ramble with Richard Thompson! Special night! Seated tickets!

Fri 4/21/17 10:55:48

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    • (4) Fri 07/14/17 - Richard Thompson - Levon Helm Studios - Woodstock - NY
  • DescriptionI have 4 seated tickets for Richard's first night at Levon's Barn. Amazing and historic space, only seats 50 or so people, and the whole scene is super chill. While you're there, check out Woodstock in Summer, eat beforehand at Bearsville Cafe--soak up some of the cool scene, hike near and visit the Tibetan Buddhist monastery, etc. Had hoped to do all this with my Bro for his special birthday but cannot make it happen. Let me know if you have questions, including ticket transfer and place in line on night of show. Price is face(of course) and per ticket.

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