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Phish LA Forum - 2 Pairs for Below Face!!!

Mon 4/16/18 08:22:59

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    • (2) Sat 07/28/18 - Phish - The Forum - Inglewood - CA
  • DescriptionGot bamboozled in the lottery with a bunch of tickets for the Phish Forum shows that I won't be using. Willing to sell them at below face to get rid of them. Each pair cost me just over $150 ($75 per ticket) and I'd be willing to sell any of them for $110 ($55 per ticket). Take a look at the sets below and let me know if you're interested:

    Saturday, July 28th
    Section 228, Row 13, Seats 5-6

    Saturday July 28th
    Section 226, Row 15, Seats 12-13

  • Shipping DetailsShipping Amount: $ 5.00
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    Pricing DetailsPrice: $ 55.00

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