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Electric forest weekend 2 GA. 1 ticket left! $320

Thu 4/20/17 10:14:35

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    • (1) Thu 06/29/17 - Electric Forest Music Festival - Double Jj Ranch - Rothbury - MI
  • DescriptionHello! I recently found out I was pregnant and will not be able to attend Electric Forest this year. It would have been my 5th year, so kind of bummed out. However, we are selling our last ticket for $10 less than what we paid. Shipping is included in the price. *please note people charging for shipping are ripping you off, it is included in the original price* we are accepting PayPal. We will then call Front gate and transfer the tickets to your name and address. We will then forward you a confirmation email. Wrist bands ship out in June. If you are serious about buying, please commit asap. Selling the ticket on a first come, first served basis. Thank you and may the forest be with you!!

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