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ISO: 2 Twenty One Pilots tickets Madison, WI 1/31/17 for sick kid PLEASE!

Wed 1/11/17 04:11:27

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    • (2) Tue 01/31/17 - twenty one pilots - Madison Alliant Center - Madison - WI
      [ section: ga row: ga seat: 1 ]
  • DescriptionHello everyone! I need a pair of tickets for Twenty One Pilots in Madison, WI on 1/31/17. I have a young son in the children's hospital and am hoping to give these tickets as a gift to his primary nurse so that she can take her daughter to her first show ever!!! Please help if you can, it would be very much appreciated! Will gladly take any pair anywhere in the house. If you are local I can also get you tickets to other local events as a bonus! Contact me for details! Thanks!

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