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Phish Poster(s) for Single Trey Ticket (Wilmington or DC)

Tue 2/13/18 09:42:29

  • Want

    • (1) Tue 02/13/18 - Trey Anastasio (solo) - Grand Opera House - Wilmington - DE
    • (1) Wed 02/14/18 - Trey Anastasio (solo) - Sixth and I Historic Synagogue - Washington - DC
  • DescriptionLike many others, I'm looking to get in the door for one of Trey's solo shows. I would be more than happy with a single ticket to either Wilmington or DC.

    Of course, I'm more than willing to pay cash. However, I realize there are at least a few dozen people in the same boat as me.

    To make it more interesting, I thought I'd offer up some of my posters instead of cash money.

    I will, despite great anguish, part with one of the following posters:

    Magnaball - Landland (engine)
    Magnaball - Pollock (magnets)
    Baker's Dozen - Ken Taylor (crocodile in the sewer)

    I will trade the Magna Landland or the Baker's Ken Taylor for a single ticket, anywhere in the building, to either of Trey's 2/13 or 2/14 shows.

    The Magna Pollock is a little more harder to come by. I can let that go for two tickets or a single ticket and a bit of cash (make me an offer, I'll probably take it).

    Yeah, so that's the deal. I'd really like to see either of these shows. If any of the posters interest you, or you are just a kind person with an extra, please hit me up and I'm sure we can work something out.

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