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iso 1 for 5/25/17 TAB-Trey Anastasio Band at Fillmore in philly

Mon 5/22/17 11:42:28

  • Want

    • (1) Thu 05/25/17 - Trey Anastasio Band - The Fillmore Philadelphia - Philadelphia - PA
  • Descriptionso i slept on tickets, and so did a handful of my friends.. right now i am looking for one more for my girlfriend (i just locked one up on here), but i will probably be able to take as many as you are looking to unload as i have a bunch of friends who are in the same boat.. just drop me a line.. I am willing to pay face and fees as well as give you some sort of small thank you gift(if we do a face to face meet up). i live in fishtown about a mile from the venue so meeting up should be easy.

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