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Burning Man Tickets 2017 - Face Value

Fri 8/11/17 04:32:14

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    • (2) Sun 08/27/17 - Burning Man - Black Rock City - Gerlach - NV
  • DescriptionI have 2 Patron Level tickets to Burning Man 2017 in hand and a Vehicle Parking pass. I got them directly from the Burning Man org. Yes, they were $1200 Each, $253.44 in ticket fees, $12 Delivery, $80 Vehicle pass. Totals $2745.44 Looking to sell them at face value ( no mark up ) I paid $2745 for these. Dave [phone number removed] May consider selling for less than face value. Taking Offers

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  • Shipping DetailsShipping Amount: $ 15.00
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    Pricing DetailsPrice: $ 2745.00

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