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**Looking for ONE or TWO floor tickets in Pittsburgh - Sell to Me!!!!

Wed 7/19/17 02:55:13

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    • (2) Wed 07/19/17 - Phish - Petersen Events Center - Pittsburgh - PA
  • DescriptionIt's the only show I can make this summer. I've got a 200mi drive if this is going to happen! If you have two I'll buy both and embrace the face at the venue with my extra or give someone a miracle.

    Your time is near, the mission's clear
    It's later than we think
    Before you slip into the night
    You'll want something to drink
    Steal away before the dawn, and
    Bring us back good news
    But if you've tread in primal soup
    Please wipe it from your shoes
    Hook a brother up?

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