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FS: TAB 6/3 Missoula, MT

Fri 5/19/17 02:24:38

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    • (2) Sat 06/03/17 - Trey Anastasio Band - Big Sky Brewing Ampitheater - Missoula - MT
  • DescriptionHaving a last minute change of plans and am looking to sell my TAB tickets for Missoula, MT on June 3, 2017. :-(

    I Paid $84.00 for the tickets with a $16.52 Service Fee and $2.00 Delivery Fee for a total of $102.52 for both tickets.

    I'd love to get what I paid for them but am also realistic and somewhat willing to work on the price as the show gets closer. Make me an offer if you're interested and thanks for looking!

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