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FS/FT: (2) Phish Sec 115 lowers for 7/25, 7/26 for sale (or trade for GA floors any night)

Sun 2/26/17 07:07:00

  • Have

    • (2) Tue 07/25/17 - Phish - Madison Square Garden - New York - NY
      [ section: 115 row: 17 ]
    • (2) Wed 07/26/17 - Phish - Madison Square Garden - New York - NY
      [ section: 115 row: 17 ]
  • DescriptionI have (2) side by side seats in Sec 115 for the above shows that I would sell or trade for GA's any night. I will also sell individual shows (as pairs only) if no GA trades are must be able to PayPal right away.

    Tix are part of the Baker's Dozen package and will be commemorative just like the PTBM's. They were purchased by me directly from TM.

    Here's the excerpt from Phish ticketing FAQ's: If I buy The Baker's Dozen 13 Show Package will I get a separate ticket for each night? Yes

    And whether you buy through Phish Tickets or Ticketmaster the tickets will be special and way cooler than tickets that the people who aren't committing to buying 13 shows at once will get. But those will be cool their own way.

    I'm selling all the individual show pairs for $180 (inclusive of PayPal fees and free shipping).


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