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ISO 3-Day Dicks Pass for ((Face and Fees plus an Original Painting))

Wed 6/14/17 10:14:55

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    • (1) Fri 09/01/17 - Phish - 3 Day Pass - Dick's Sporting Goods Park - Commerce City - CO
  • DescriptionI am looking for one or two, 3-Day Passes for Phish @ Dicks 09/01 - 09/03.
    I will gladly pay face value plus whatever fees you've already paid, and as an added bonus, I'll send you this original painting.
    (Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 20") Painting will be shipped at my expense.

    I am also looking for JRAD @ Red Rocks if you can help me out with that, but I'm not making the trip to CO if I can't get the Phish tix.


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